Downloadable sewing patterns

Since most of us no longer sew out of necessity you’d think sewing would be a full-on creative business. At least as uber as your local indie record store, but when ever I look through most pattern catalogues, I feel like I’ve been sucked in to some alternate universe/hellmouth.

I read somewhere that 45% people listed shopping as one of their major past-times. I got depressed when I realised it was probably one of mine. Sewing at least seems like a genuine hobby. With the added bonus of of getting unique clothes kind of cheaply.

Anyway, no-one else seemed to be making patterns that:

a. appealed to my sensibility and

b.let me get them right when I was feeling inspired.

So I thought I’d give it a crack. I’ve started with some really simple ones and we’ll see where it goes to from here. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see a pattern for. I have plenty more to come. For the time being, these are simple basic patterns that allow you to make something new now.

What’s good about them?

  • You can download them. No waiting for the post. “It’s like sew NOW
  • Each pattern has photographs so you can see the pattern has been made up. Several times. And see what it it looks like in different fabrics on other creative peeps like yourself
  • They’re easy and come with illustrated instructions
  • They’re cheap



Thanks to:Sarah, Wendy & Kate D for teaching me how to sew; Andrew for putting up with me while doing this; Kay for kicking off the idea; Geoff H, Julie B & UC for helping me along; Karina, Andi, Laura & Kaet for being models; Dan for the photography and Jeremy for hosting/general web advice.

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