While I provide instructions and some tips, you will need to have had basic sewing lessons to complete these patterns.

There are plenty of classes, sites, books and people that can help you learn to sew so I’m not gonna teach you the basics. Really, go ask some who sews to help you – you’ll make a friend for life, even out of your mother. Go do a class, get a book from the library or look stuff up on the net.

Books for learning the basics of sewing:
Sew U
Vogue Sewing
Alternation (I haven’t seen this one but am keen to check it out when it arrives)

Real beginners
How to use a sewing machines
How to sew

Online sewing lessons & craft tips:
Fashion Incubator
Sew What’s New
Burdastyle How Tos

Buying fabric online:
The Dancing Queen
Monkey Foot Designs
Shweshwe Lovers

Sewing accessories:
Donut pincushions from Sewdorky